Message from Head of Department


Dear Guest, As Head of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics Department, we would like to welcome you and introduce our vibrant Department to our valuable visitors.

The Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics was established in Rongo University College due to the university's commitment to delivering quality and market driven academic programmes that would empower graduates with the necessary skills for the Agricultural sector. The Department is administered in line with Rongo University College's Vision of becoming a world class technology driven University in learning and practice; and its mission to provide high quality education through teaching, research and nurture innovative graduates.

Following recent food crises; most stakeholders are in unanimous agreement that food security in Africa can and must be improved. For food security to be achieved in Africa, there is need for increased agricultural productivity and creation of better and more efficient markets for agricultural produce. Smallholder farmers need to be supported to feed themselves and produce marketable surpluses as they account for the majority of agricultural produce in Africa. Rongo University College's Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics seeks to ensure the above by producing well trained and critical graduates who are exposed to a wide range of practical and theoretical knowledge in agribusiness and agricultural economics who are able to apply knowledge to deal with challenges facing the agricultural sector.